Bom Gosto Design works like a normal Interior Design company, but our services are 100% online! Through this way we can do projects all over the world with all facilities and safety of an online project. The process is simple: after we enter in contact, you will receive an email containing a personalized questionnaire and some extra instructions, with the objective to know you better and all your needs. After analyzing your data, we talk to eliminate all the doubts. Bom Gosto Design starts your layout and 3D model. After comments and aproval of the design model, we continue the project completing the other documentation.

The documents of the complete project you will receive are:

– An exclusive design project that fits your budget and solve your problems;

– A layout plan;

– 3D model with several pictures;

– All Information and instructions necessary for completing your renovation;

– Product list with all objects, furnitures, colors, coatings etc that were used in the project for your future reference.


Feeling tired of your home decor but don’t know what to do? Want to renovate the house but don’t want to spend much and see your house full of dirty? DESIGN EXPRESS is the solution. DESIGN EXPRESS is a much simpler and more practical service than a traditional project, and also FULLY done online. As soon as you hire DESIGN EXPRESS, you tell us which room in the house you want to change and how much you can spend. Send the photos of the room and in them it will be indicated what to do.

The objective is to avoid mess and trying to reuse what you already have. In addition, Bom Gosto Design will also send you a list with all the products, colors and coatings that have been used, with some options of stores to buy all you need. And the best, all is done to fit your budget.

                                   BEFORE                                                                   AFTER – 1st OPTION                                                               AFTER – 2nd OPTION                         


Do you want to change your decor and don´t know where and how to start? We at Bom Gosto Design understand you, there are so many options available that anyone can feel lost about it! But you can count on our expertise to help you to decide what is the best for your house: colors, finishings, decoration objects, plants and anything else you need to feel home.